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Angliss Singapore Accorded the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2019
Angliss Singapore Accorded the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2019

SINGAPORE, July 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 11th chapter of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) 2019 Singapore was successfully concluded at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel on 12 July 2019. Organised by Enterprise Asia, the leading non-governmental organisation for entrepreneurship in Asia, APEA is a regional awards programme which aims to recognise Asia's outstanding entrepreneurs and enterprises for demonstrating sustainable growth, responsible leadership and operational excellence.

Angel Ding, Managing Director of Angliss Singapore receiving the APEA 2019 Corporate Excellence Award on behalf of the Company
Angel Ding, Managing Director of Angliss Singapore receiving the APEA 2019 Corporate Excellence Award on behalf of the Company

With the theme of 'Promoting Inclusive Economic Development Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship', over 300 attendees were present at the by-invitation only event, comprising of industry leaders and dignitaries.

Leading the list of winners was Angliss Singapore which received the award under the Corporate Excellence category for Food and Beverage industry.

"Challenging ourselves for a greater tomorrow" has been the driving force of how Angliss Singapore serves those who serve great food. With this determination to push through every challenge, Angliss Singapore has emerged today as the preferred foodservice provider in Singapore and the region. Anchored by a long history of over 70 years of experience in the foodservice industry, Angliss Singapore has transformed from a commodity trading food business to a leading distributor of premium gourmet brands. It continues to stay ahead of the competition by aiming for a new milestone of being among the first in the Food & Beverage industry to achieve the new benchmark of ISO 45001 Food Safety Management System accreditation.

Growth into New Markets

Angliss Singapore continues to pursue new possibilities by constantly sourcing for foods that are of highest quality and produced in sustainable ways to meet increasing demands for healthy and safe foods.

Going beyond offering premium goods and gourmet food, the Company pioneered bringing live seafood from sea to table through its new business unit - Angliss Live Seafood. Starting with only one tank holding live lobsters, it has grown to hold a volume of 50 tanks of live seafood in storage with more than 80 types of seafood through partnerships from Korea, Russia, Vietnam, and China.

With new e-commerce capabilities to reach B2B and B2C markets, the introduction of an online order system provides greater customer convenience and reduces the waiting time of being served through the call centre or on-ground sales staff. These strategic and entrepreneurial moves led by the hard work of every Angliss staff resulted in market share of its premium goods and gourmet foods jumping from 10% to 40%, with growing revenue of over S$157 million in 2018.

With the foresight of her leaders, Angliss Singapore moved quickly to harness technology to support business needs better. The introduction of a new Warehouse Management System transformed daily operations from a manual and labour-intensive process into a more integrated system that allows systematic food traceability and stock control of large volumes of an extensive range of stock keeping units.

Aiming for a fleet management system to be implemented next, it would create a breakthrough in how delivery vehicles can be more intelligently routed for faster deliveries to customers without a need to increase the fleet size.

Gaining Knowledge, Sharing Expertise

From farm to table, there is a science and process behind every ingredient. To cultivate this knowledge, Angliss Singapore actively organises trips to local and overseas farms for young chefs, suppliers, and customers. This creates a greater understanding of the production of food from farm to factory, and brings a wider exposure to ingredients that are not usually seen in typical markets.

Partnering in-house corporate chefs with on-the-ground salespeople, products are also tried and tested through innovative recipes before they pass on the relevant knowledge and usage to customers.

With more than 200 staff on team, Angliss Singapore prioritizes building a strong team spirit throughout the year. Whether it is the company-wide team building boot-camp or annual dinners and festive celebrations, management and staff connect and interact deeper over these informal and fun events that help foster greater engagement at work. Such bonding activities have also unleashed the creativity of its staff, with the inclusion of a company pledge and song that forms a common thread of solidarity throughout the team.

Leaving an Impact That Lasts

A heart to serve is an integral part of Angliss Singapore. Beyond the expectation of giving food products to low-income elderly community in Singapore, Angliss Singapore believes in going the extra mile to care for their real needs. Managing Director Ms Angel Ding observed during the food distribution programmes carried out that many elderly do not have any proper provision of common medical supplies. It birthed the novel idea of supplying fully kitted first-aid boxes that are packed with supplies such as medication for headaches and flu, medicated oils, plasters and masks which are refreshed annually.

Believing in the power of youth, Angliss Singapore sees training and development of employees as critical in nurturing the next generation of leaders. Through planned rotations throughout their career, new employees are given autonomy to learn and deepen their experience and expertise so that they can be groomed into future leaders.

By passing on the passion of serving customers and a love for innovation, Angliss Singapore will continue to be a game-changer and a trusted brand in the industry.

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About Enterprise Asia
Enterprise Asia is a non-governmental organization in pursuit of creating an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic and social development within a world of economic equality. Its two pillars of existence are investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship. Enterprise Asia works with governments, NGOs and other organizations to promote competitiveness and entrepreneurial development, in uplifting the economic status of people across Asia and in ensuring a legacy of hope, innovation and courage for the future generation. For further information, visit

About Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards
Launched in 2007, the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards is the region's most prestigious awards for outstanding entrepreneurship, continuous innovation and sustainable leadership. The Awards provide a platform for companies and governments to recognize entrepreneurial excellence, hence spurring greater innovation, fair business practices and growth in entrepreneurship. As a regional award, it groups together leading entrepreneurs as a powerful voice for entrepreneurship and serves as a by-invitation only networking powerhouse. The program has grown to encompass 14 countries and markets all over Asia. For further information, visit www.apea.asia.

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Trip.com rolls out overseas car rentals in four major language markets

SHANGHAI, July 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ctrip Group, Asia's largest and the world's second largest online travel agency is further expanding its international presence with the launch on its Japanese site of its overseas car rental service through its Trip.com brand.

Analytics demonstrate that, regardless of destination, Trip.com's primary customer base for overseas car rentals is comprised of users from Europe, the US, Australia, Japan and Korea. The new addition will complement Trip.com's car rental offerings on its Traditional Chinese, English and Korean websites, providing seamless access to more users in Trip.com's main markets.

Popular service aims to win the hearts of Japanese consumers

Beginning in August 2018, Trip.com has successively launched overseas car rentals on its English, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) and Korean sites. To date, users have reached a total of 200,000 days of accumulative vehicle utilisation, making overseas car rentals one of the most popular services among Trip.com users, beyond its core offerings of flight tickets, train tickets and hotels. The launch of car rentals on Trip.com's Japanese site will see further growth for the young but increasingly popular product.

Trip.com currently offers overseas car rental bookings through over 130,000 shopfronts in over 6,000 cities in over 200 countries. Through its major global rental suppliers, Trip.com has over 7 million vehicles in operation, catering to almost all use-cases with various offerings, including 5-11 seat minivans, SUV, MPV, and even pickup trucks.

Statistics from the first half of 2019 indicate that among the ten major markets for overseas car rental users, 80% of users originated from the UK, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and the US. Among destinations, over 50% of rentals were used in the US, Australia, Thailand and the UK, while Japan, Korea and Europe were also popular destinations.

Ctrip Group Car Rentals CEO Peng Ting commented, "The Japanese market has high expectations for meticulous services. As Trip.com launches this service on its Japanese website, our rental services will reach more Japanese users. I am confident of our product, and confident that it will stand the test of this strict market."

Overseas car rentals made easier

Peng Ting added that Trip.com's service streamlines overseas car rentals by simplifying returns, identification and payment.

In select major cities, in addition to shopfront return points, Trip.com offers a door-to-door return pick-up service, making returns easier for users in foreign cities.

For outbound Chinese drivers, Ctrip Group provides authentication services for driving license translations for use in over 200 countries. Along with their original license, users need only display this authenticated translation to legally drive abroad. For China-bound overseas tourists, Ctrip Group also provides multi-lingual guides for license acquisition and car rentals in China.

To streamline user experience, Trip.com accepts eight third-party payment services, all international credit cards, and direct payments in 22 currencies.

At present, Ctrip Group's international presence is comprised of its Skyscanner and Trip.com brands. Overseas users of these platforms are able to access information and customer support services in 19 languages via three support centres based in Edinburgh, Seoul and Tokyo.

As one of Trip.com's major markets, the recent launch of car rentals in Japanese promises to bring growth to the increasingly popular service. In addition to car rentals, Trip.com globally offers flight, train and hotel bookings, as well as airport drop-off and pick-up services, and entry tickets for tourist sites, and continues to expand its offerings internationally.

About Ctrip.com International, Ltd.

Ctrip.com International, Ltd. is a leading travel service provider of accommodation reservation, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management in China. It is the largest online consolidator of accommodations and transportation tickets in China in terms of transaction volume. Ctrip enables business and leisure travelers to make informed and cost-effective bookings by aggregating comprehensive travel related information and offering its services through an advanced transaction and service platform consisting of its mobile apps, Internet websites and centralized, toll-free, 24-hour customer service center. Ctrip also helps customers book vacation packages and guided tours. In addition, through its corporate travel management services, Ctrip helps corporate clients effectively manage their travel requirements. Since its inception in 1999, Ctrip has experienced substantial growth and become one of the best-known travel brands in China.

About Trip.com

Trip.com provides one-stop travel booking services in 19 languages through our website and mobile app. We are a part of the Ctrip Group, a NASDAQ listed company since 2003 (NASDAQ: CTRP) with over 30,000 employees and over 300 million members, making it one of the leading online travel agencies in the world.
With more than 1.2 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, we've built an extensive hotel network to give our customers a fantastic choice of accommodation. Our far-reaching flight network has over 2 million individual flight routes connecting more than 5,000 cities around the globe. When you combine this with our 24/7 English customer service and various other travel products, you can trust us to take care of your next trip.

For further information, please contact:

International PR
Ctrip.com International, Ltd.
Tel: (+86) 21 3406 4880 ext 196455
Email: Pr@ctrip.com 

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Omniaz launches first of its kind DRNK app in September offering Augmented Reality for Wine, Beer and Spirits
  • Scalable and personalised platform to release first of its kind Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences for consumers
  • The DRNK app allows consumers to experience AR for wine, beer and spirits on a different level
  • Businesses are invited to sign up with special pricing ahead of the global launch in September

Singapore, July 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Omniaz, the Alcoholic Beverage Technology company will launch DRNK in September, globally. DRNK (Drink, Rewards, Network, Knowledge) redefines how brand owners, distributors and merchants market to consumers through beverage products via the DRNK application. Driven by technology and data, it offers a personalized and interactive channel via Augmented Reality that businesses can control and manage.

DRNK redefines how brand owners, distributors and merchants market to consumers through beverage products via the DRNK application. Driven by technology and data, it offers a personalized and interactive channel via Augmented Reality that businesses can control and manage.
DRNK redefines how brand owners, distributors and merchants market to consumers through beverage products via the DRNK application. Driven by technology and data, it offers a personalized and interactive channel via Augmented Reality that businesses can control and manage.

Ease of Use and Benefits to Consumers

DRNK combines all wine, beer and spirits bottles in one app. Consumers don't need to download different apps and all AR Experiences for brands are combined. DRNK offers more than just the playful part of AR - consumers can read detailed information about tastings notes or the producer itself. By simply aiming their mobile camera via the DRNK app at the label, information around food pairings, aromas, videos and more, directly appear on top of the label in Augmented Reality. This makes the consumption of content easy, engaging and memorable. Consumers are also able to engage and gamify via the app for rewards. The more a consumer interacts with the app, the easier it gets for the consumer to select, consume and try out new products, particularly in Asia where the cuisine is very unique. Decision making for purchases becomes much easier.

For Brands and Businesses

Businesses can easily manage and change content around their products through the DRNK Platform. For brand owners or producers, one of the biggest challenges lies in differentiation, or how to stand out from all the other bottles and brands in the market both online and even on the shelf. AR content offers them a new level of differentiation and brings storytelling to retail's point of purchase. It also aids in building brand engagement and improving perception. Through this engagement, DRNK is also able to offer to brands insights and analytics about products and consumers interaction - which is currently non-existent. Businesses are invited to sign up with special price offering as part of DRNK launch clients.

Regional and global producers, distributors and merchants are currently signing up to release their own customized Augmented Reality Experience for their customers. Lukasz Piotrowski, Founder & CEO of Omniaz, explained at the RPB Asia event: "We've received a large amount of interest from the industry during VinExpo Bordeaux and RPB Asia and we are signing up launch clients at the moment."

The platform serves to manage and create all the products and its Augmented Reality Experiences. According to Statista, the Augmented Reality market is estimated to grow to almost 200bn USD by 2025, and the technology holds big potential for retail marketing. DRNK is a new marketing channel, connecting both the physical and digital worlds, allowing brands to go beyond the label and create personalised experiences. Full analytics, market benchmarks and knowing the location of bottles drive the focus on ROI. Besides consumer engagement combined with education, the platform can apply and target AR also for business events such as wine tastings, events or trade fairs. The solution tackles inherent market challenges for both consumers and businesses.

About DRNK - www.letsdrnk.com

DRNK redefines how brand owners, distributors and merchants market to consumers through beverage products. Driven by technology and data, we offer a personalized and interactive channel via Augmented Reality, that businesses control and manage.

About Omniaz - www.omniaz.io

Omniaz is an independent digital solution provider incorporated in Singapore working with and for the alcohol industry. DRNK is Omniaz's second product, rolled out following market demand, after our authenticity solutions in partnership with Wine Connection for 180'000 bottles end of last year.

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ORGANO Completes Phase One of Continental Africa Growth Plan

JOHANNESBURG and HONG KONG and NEW YORK, July 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ORGANO today announced it has completed phase one of its Continental Africa growth plan.

"The October 2018 opening of ORGANO in South Africa represented a milestone achievement, furthering our goal of providing economic development opportunities for African citizens everywhere and making ORGANO products and services more broadly available around the world.  Over the past nine months ORGANO has had a positive impact on people and communities throughout the countries we serve in Africa," said ORGANO Director of African Operations, Helen Rees.  "ORGANO currently has full scale operations in Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia.  As ORGANO begins phase two of its continental Africa growth strategy the company will open for business in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda before the end of 2019," added Rees. 

Expanding ORGANO throughout the African Continent is an important component of our strategic growth plan for the EMEA region," said ORGANO Managing Director of Global Strategy, Leonard Chin. "The ORGANO brand is one of the most well known and respected brands around the world.  Being open for business in more than one dozen African countries before the end of 2019 brings the ORGANO product lineup to millions of Africans who enjoy great tasting and healthy nutritional foods and beverages.  The value proposition will only get better as we add products and services from our other industry verticals including Beauty and Cosmetics, Travel Related Products & Services and FinTech," added Chin.

As in most markets around the world, ORGANO offers a lineup of its beverages and specialty nutritional products in Africa.  The company pivoted into a new "Vertical Markets EcoSystem" model earlier this year and will begin extending and expanding into new industry verticals in Africa beginning later this year. 

"ORGANO's pivot into a "Vertical Markets EcoSystem" business model is an innovative move designed to overcome shortcomings rooted in antiquated direct to consumer models.  Our new business model is having a positive, and positively disruptive, impact on the way products and services move into markets globally.  Our expansion throughout the African Continent represents a long term commitment to the people of Africa through our Continental Africa Plan, our broader regional growth strategy for the EMEA region and our intention to make ORGANO products and services more broadly available around the world," said ORGANO Chief Operating Officer, Norm Perrett. 

Founded in 2008 and formerly known as Organo Gold, ORGANO is one of the world's leading producers and marketers of healthy, convenient and affordable food and nutrition products.  In early 2019 the company added new industry verticals including Beauty & Cosmetics, Travel oriented products and services and FinTech. ORGANO provides superior quality, taste and nutrition in all of its consumable products and produces and markets advanced beauty products based on proprietary botanical formulations.  The company recently announced the creation of "Organo Products Trust," a Blockchain driven program designed to build trust into every ORGANO product.  The company currently operates in five continents.

Cautionary Statement 
This release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements, which contain words such as "expect," "believe," "will," "anticipates," "believes," "estimates," or "plan," by their nature address matters that are, to different degrees, uncertain. These uncertainties may cause actual future events to be materially different from those expressed in our forward-looking statements. We do not undertake to update our forward-looking statements.

To learn more about ORGANO, please visit http://www.organogold.com

CONTACT: Shannon Hewitson, media@organogold.com

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Japan Airlines Partners with Ascenda and Loylogic to Launch JAL Mileage Bank World Marketplace

SINGAPORE, July 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascenda, a global provider of premium rewards solutions, Loylogic, the global leader in creating and running e-commerce solutions for loyalty programs, and Japan Airlines announce the launch of JAL Mileage Bank World Marketplace ("JMB World Marketplace"). With this partnership, Japan Airlines is expanding and strengthening their loyalty program offering in order to increase customer acquisition and provide a superior program experience to their JAL Mileage Bank members in Japan and around the world.

JMB World Marketplace is a seamless online experience designed from the ground up to enable members to easily redeem and collect JAL miles when shopping, booking hotels and renting cars around the world. JMB World Marketplace is powered by Ascenda, with the Hotels and Car Rentals being provided by Ascenda's TravelEdge platform, the world's largest inventory of aggregated travel content with 100% instant-bookable offerings, and the Shop with Miles and Shop & Earn Miles being offered by Loylogic's Reward Store and features rich local & international products.

"We are proud of our longstanding relationship with Japan Airlines as their global strategic partner," said Kyle Armstrong, CEO of Ascenda. "The JAL Mileage Bank World Marketplace is the first of our new collaborations and we continue to make significant investments to develop unique and innovative loyalty experiences catered to Japanese consumers."

Dominic Hofer, Founder & CEO, at Loylogic shares his excitement on the partnership: "We are ecstatic and proud to welcome Japan Airlines among our partners. Loylogic is passionate about delivering innovative solutions that drive more engagement and success to programs and is very excited about this new collaboration. We are looking forward to offering our market leading redemption and collection platform as well as our expertise to our new partner."

About Ascenda

Ascenda is a global provider of innovative loyalty solutions powering premium rewards propositions for over 70 of the leading financial services and travel brands worldwide. We design and manage innovative end-to-end solutions to address the most meaningful challenges facing the loyalty industry today. Through our deep local market expertise, best-in-market technology stack and rich global content network, Ascenda challenges the status quo to deliver beautifully simple, highly compelling offerings that eliminate the trade-off between cost and customer value.

For more information about Ascenda, please visit www.ascendaloyalty.com.

About Loylogic

Loylogic is the world's leading innovator of points commerce experiences. We build and run engaging loyalty solutions that empower programs and members with more choices to collect and redeem points online, in-app and in-store. With international offices and a global content platform featuring millions of products and services, Loylogic is the partner that the world's leading loyalty programs trust with making their points and miles loved most. www.loylogic.com

Press contact: Valerie Perridon (valerie.perridon@ascendaloyalty.com)

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The 30th anniversary of establishment of friendship city relations between Tokyo and Jakarta (Indonesia) under Japan's Friendship Ties Program "JENESYS 2019"

TOKYO, July 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of Japan's Friendship Ties Program "JENESYS 2019" promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 16 Tokyo high school students will visit Indonesia from July 29th to August 7th.

In this program, they visit Jakarta, Indonesia and deepen their understanding of Indonesian culture and society. Plus, they are supposed to work on disseminating Japan's culture to the local population.

Through this Program, it is expected that the relationship between Tokyo and Jakarta will be strengthened, with the promotion of understanding of Japan and of mutual understanding.

Japan's Friendship Ties Programs "JENESYS 2019"

This program is intended to promote people-to-people exchanges between Japan and the various nations of the Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and to encourage an understanding of Japan's economy, society, history, diverse culture, politics and diplomatic relations among participants.

< Itinerary >

Departure from Japan to Indonesia.

Visit Pramuka Island to inspect the activities of environmental conservation.

Courtesy call to state government of Jakarta and move to the site of construction of Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit system.

Student exchange program in "SMK Mitra Industri" in MM2100 and move to Japanese company (Marubeni) based in MM2100.

Student exchange program in "SMAN 70 Jakarta"

Stroll around Kota area in Jakarta and meet with host families, Home stay program.

Home stay program and stroll around Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village

Inspection of Japanese company (AEON)

Reporting session at the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia

Departure from Indonesia to Japan

*Itinerary is subject to change

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Joining Hands with WWF, GAC Motor Drives Success of China's First National Park

- GAC Motor, together with Three-river-source National Park Administration and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), continue to protect one of Asia's most important freshwater sources before the park's opening to the public in 2020.

GUANGZHOU, China, July 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- GAC Motor, Three-river-source (Sanjiangyuan) National Park Administration ("the Park Administration") and World Wildlife Fund ("WWF") launched China's first national park conservation plan in 2016. A deliverables report recently released by the three parties has demonstrated the achievements they completed in the past three years, including the record of a rare black wolf's first appearance in China. The report revealed that GAC Motor's participation in the construction of China's first national park had set a template for enterprises joining the development of national parks as a social force.

Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/8579351-gac-motor-wwf-sanjiangyuan-national-park/

GAC Motor Participates in the Construction of China’s First National Park
GAC Motor Participates in the Construction of China’s First National Park

In the past three years, GAC Motor has been working with the Park Administration and WWF to establish and improve the mechanisms for public participation in the construction and management of national parks.

About 15,000 wetland birds of 26 species, including several vulnerable species, have been recorded at the Yellow River source area, where an infrared camera captured rare images of snow leopards and black wolves, proving that the natural resources and ecosystem have been restored effectively since the construction of the national park.

To improve the life of local herdsmen, the three parties introduced "alternative livelihood" projects to support herdsmen in becoming ecological conservators in the national park, which ensures the sustainable development of local communities, while achieving the goal of protecting the environment. They have not only explored a way out of setting up a national park management system, but also made breakthroughs in terms of monitoring the biodiversity and overall park environment.

"With the opening of Three-river-source National Park in 2020, the public will pay greater attention to the importance of ecological protection. We hope that more enterprises and social forces will join us to support and participate in the protection of the the national park," said Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor.

As the first enterprise to participate in the construction of the national park, GAC Motor has delivered 25 SUVs and several batches of patrol supplies for the park's daily operations and routine patrols. For consecutive years, the company has also organized volunteers from its Wetland Ambassadors Program to conduct biodiversity surveys with ecologists to protect one of Asia's most important freshwater sources.

GAC Motor has helped the national park on the overall protection of the natural ecosystem and will support the park in preparation for its opening to the public. It will also continue to work with The Park Administration and WWF to build up a national park that represents China's environmental protection and ecological restoration.

For more information about GAC Motor, please visit:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GACMotor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gac_motor
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/gac_motor
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/GACMotorOfficial

For media enquiries, please contact:
Sukie Wong
Phone: +86-186-8058-2829
Email: GACMotor@126.com

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Unveiling Shankha: Sanur's Most Luxurious and Wellness Destination

BALI, Indonesia, July 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Within the lush landscaped garden of Hyatt Regency Bali, lies an epicure's sanctuary: Shankha Spa, Sanur's first world-class holistic wellness destination, unique both in concept and architecture.

Top left: inside the luxurious spa villa. Top right: Hot and Cold Plunge Pool. Bottom left: state of the art fitness center. Bottom right: open air yoga studio amidst the lush garden.
Top left: inside the luxurious spa villa. Top right: Hot and Cold Plunge Pool. Bottom left: state of the art fitness center. Bottom right: open air yoga studio amidst the lush garden.

Shankha, a conch shell signifies rituals in ancient Hinduism and is praised in scriptures as a giver of fame, longevity and prosperity, the cleanser of sin. Signifying our innate quest for health and longevity, Shankha spa draws its inspiration from the shell used by the healer of Gods and reflects in its essence Balinese healing philosophy, offering its guests, true wellness of mind and body and spirit. The spa focuses on holistic wellness and adopts the principles of ancient Balinese wellness philosophy, centred on the herbo-mineral healing.

Shankha Spa offers an immersive programme inspired by Balinese healing traditions within the luxurious environs of opulent Spa suites. A sanctuary with en suite bath facilities, private vanity and relaxation space, Shankha nurtures your complete well-being, offering Traditional Balinese therapy, holistic spa treatments, healthy activities and wellness beverages to renew an optimal state of health. Spread over a site measuring 22 acre, Shankha features ten freestanding spa suites around a tranquil water lily pond, each with a treatment space, dressing room and vanity area; and private garden with an outdoor lounge, soaking tub and shower.

Guests can work off any excess calories in the 15.5 metre outdoor lap pool within lush landscapes gardens, or in the Fitness Pavilion with fully equipped Precor gym or the open air Yoga studio. The state of the art fitness centre overlooks the pond, garden, and pool, with access to natural light, making it a relaxing yet inspiring place for a work out. Looking for a slower, mindful workout? Book a yoga class in our open-air studio surrounded by lush landscape. Flanked by the Juice bar, serving Kombucha, Herbal drinks and Indonesian Jamu, enjoy a conscious drink without the guilt. Lockers with separate steam room, sauna, and hot cold plunge pool baths complete the hydrotherapy experience for total rejuvenation.

Guests can choose from individual treatments lasting from 30 to 90 minutes, or take part in Shankha's Wellness Passage, a series of treatments ranging from 2 to 4 hours with the aim to Nourish, Energize, or Balance.

August Special

This month, guests can enjoy 25% off for Shankha massage or facial and fitness membership for non in-house guests at IDR 1,200,000 net which includes 24-hour access to the fitness center, 10% off for spa treatments, and 10% off at Omang Omang and Pizzaria restaurant.

Media Contact:
Bulan Bharata
Public Relations Manager

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Lift Off With Waldorf Astoria Beijing's "Into Deep Space" 3D Projection Afternoon Tea

A galactic afternoon tea experience that's immersive and interactive

BEIJING, July 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Waldorf Astoria Beijing promises to be the "Pioneer of Culture" is lifting off into space, thanks to a collaboration with Italy's leading creative company SELETTI that is set to thrill guests with an immersive culinary experience. In sync with SELETTI's own ethos of 'Revolution is the only Solution', this innovative concept sees sophisticated culinary delights from Waldorf Astoria Beijing served in an interactive universe of inventive 3D projections: A new Galaxy and Planet Mars themed afternoon tea set is being launched at Waldorf Astoria Beijing's Peacock Alley from 8th July 2019 to 22nd November 2019.

Into Deep Space 3D Projection Afternoon Tea
Into Deep Space 3D Projection Afternoon Tea

The new galactic theme sees 3D projections besides each table setting a scene for imagination and wonder, as the afternoon tea set's creations similarly evoke the appearance and emotions of inspiring space travel. With space prompting feelings of hi-tech exploration, the unknown and bold adventure, a variety of flavorful creations have been prepared by expert chefs that will make guests starry-eyed.

The menu for the Galaxy Themed Afternoon Tea Set includes the Crispy Fish Skin Crater with Black Garlic Puree and Caviar, Space Grain-Fed Wagyu Beef Pho Spring Rolls, Crystalline Melon with Feta Cheese and Black Caviar and the succulent Apollo 16 Wagyu Katsu Sandwich on Milk Bread which is inspired by the food, beef and gravy taken by the Apollo 16 astronauts in the tenth crewed mission in the United States Apollo space program in April 16, 1972. Among the assortment of desserts are an ethereal selection of a Nebula Mini Doughnut, Meteorite Crystal Rock Lychee Mousse, and R3-D3 Milky Way Chocolate cake and Milk Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake Stonehenge that uses the molecular gastronomy technique with seasonal berries; the dessert is inspired by the prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England. There is also a Saturn Fermented Rice Velvet Cake and a kinder surprise from the Mysterious Asteroid Ball which resembles a small asteroid with hidden sweets inside.

The galaxy themed afternoon tea set also includes intriguing beverages such as the color-changing non-alcohol cocktail Interstellar and the satellite Vietnam Iced Coffee to cool the capital's summer heat. The 3D projector for this themed afternoon tea summons diverse combinations of planets depending on the temperature of the drink. Scorching Mars will appear when a 3D projector detects a hot drink, while Mercury along the Neptune will appear and orbits around the star when icy cold beverages are detected. This interactive experience alongside the exciting afternoon tea set allows guests to engage in hi-tech wonders and the mysteries of the universe while enjoying a variety of beverages.

"I am extremely excited with the innovative attempt for Into Deep Space 3D Projection Afternoon Tea experience. Our Waldorf service extends beyond offering a luxurious and sophisticated service, we also provide guests an unforgettable and tasteful experience in visual and tactile aspects. This time we promised to provide guests an interactive 3D projection experience second to none," said Brian Tong, General Manager of Waldorf Astoria Beijing.

The exquisite Galaxy and Planet Mars Themed Afternoon Tea Set available at Waldorf Astoria Beijing is presented in the stylish and elegant confines of Peacock Alley. The price for each afternoon tea set starts at RMB 688 which includes a delicate and vibrant assortment of galaxy themed savories, pastries and beverages.

The Galaxy Themed Tea Set will be offered to guests in the hotel's Peacock Alley
From July 8th, 2019 to November 22nd, 2019.
The price for Galaxy themed tea set is 688RMB from 8th July to 3rd September and
Planet Mars themed tea set 598RMB from 4th September to 22nd November.

For reservations at Waldorf Astoria Beijing, please call +86-10-85208989 or visit www.waldorfastoria.com/beijing.

About Waldorf Astoria Beijing
Opened February 21, 2014, Waldorf Astoria Beijing marks the second Waldorf Astoria hotel in China and the brand's continued international expansion. Standing as a dramatic bronze building, the hotel is a landmark in the heart of the Wangfujing district, and an icon where time transcends through the rich Chinese tradition to today's sophisticated affluent lifestyle. The hotel features 169 luxuriously appointed guestrooms including 37 suites and nine with furnished terraces in the main hotel tower and a Waldorf Astoria Hutong Courtyard Villa, plus three Hutong Courtyard Suites and a Hutong Courtyard Two-bedroom Suite in two beautifully constructed (to original specifications) Hutong Courtyards. Waldorf Astoria Beijing features three unique restaurants, including Peacock Alley, Brasserie1893 and Zijin Mansion, 796 square metre function space, a spa and fitness centre with heated indoor swimming pool. The hotel is operated by Hilton Worldwide and owned by China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO). Guests of Waldorf Astoria Beijing also enjoy the unparalleled benefits of the Hilton.

SELETTI, as a leading creative Italian brand, was founded by Mr. Romano Seletti in Mantova, 1964. "Revolution is the only Solution" as SELETTI's brand philosophy was created by Mr. Stefano Seletti, the son of Mr. Romano Seletti, the current CEO and creative director, made a brand new positioning of SELETTI by working with a lot of talented and unique artists and designers such as Studio Job, Maurizio Cattelan, Marcantonio. Every collection of SELETTI——Diesel with SELETTI, SELETTI wears Toiletpaper, Job&SELETTI attract millions of fans all around the world. Design Pride Parade, which hold by SELETTI is one of the most impressive events during the Salone de Mobile every year.

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Fri, 26 Jul 2019 12:26:00 +0800
Sanya, China's Tropical Paradise, Hosts Hainan Ocean Sports Season Teen OP Sailing Summer Camp

SANYA, China, July 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 21, the Hainan Ocean Sports Season Teen OP Sailing Summer Camp was officially opened in the sailing port of Banshan Peninsula in Sanya. Accompanied by their parents, 20 teenagers from Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangxi and other cities gathered in Sanya to experience the fun of sailing and enjoy the summer scenery. Hainan Ocean Sports Season is jointly hosted by the People's Government of Hainan Province; General Administration of Sport; and Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports BureauThe event has been successfully held for two years and has received popular recognition.

Sanya, China's Tropical Paradise, Hosts Hainan Ocean Sports Season Teen OP Sailing Summer Camp
Sanya, China's Tropical Paradise, Hosts Hainan Ocean Sports Season Teen OP Sailing Summer Camp

Known as the "Hawaii of China", Sanya attracts tropical-loving travelers looking for a slice of paradise mixed in with a touch of cultural experiences. With gorgeous landscapes covered with 68% forest along with a multitude of historical landmarks, Sanya continues to provide travelers with a "cultural and touristic" immersive experience.

Tourists can discover the secrets of the villages and ethnic groups at the "Binglangu Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park" and "Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone". They can also explore a cultural theme park and watch "The Romantic Show of Sanya", where dances and songs bring Sanya's ancient past to life. Additionally, visitors can get a feel of the art and music at the "ISY Music Festival", where artists come together to showcase Sanya's new cultural trends. Whatever it may be, Sanya is sure to keep travelers wandering for more.

Diverse activities and a profound cultural background provide strong support and assistance for the rapid development of tourism in Sanya. With the increasing brand influence of Sanya tourism around the world, Sanya has also been a top spot for world-class competitions that include: The Miss World Contest, ABB FIA Formula E Championship, and The Global World Yacht Race.

Sanya strives to allow travelers to get a glimpse of its cultural heritage. Through varieties of projects that protect the natural attractions and enhance the city's infrastructure, Sanya has been able to maintain its beauty, culture and history for travelers worldwide. Travelers from 59 countries can now enjoy a 30-day visa free entry when traveling to Sanya. Direct flights from London to Sanya have also been developed for ease of transportation. Sanya will continue to provide a "cultural and touristic" immersive experience to all. Discover the beauty of this tropical paradise now and #VisitSanya.

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